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CraftSocial – let’s create, have fun and chill out together!

CraftSocial is a place where you can get together with like minded friends to relax, have some fun and explore your creative side – even if you don’t consider yourself creative!

About CraftSocial and me

My name is Maria and I love to spend time making and creating. My background is in marketing. For over twenty years I’ve worked in what my colleagues refer to as “the colouring in department”, but that’s a description I love and take no offence at. In fact I think it highlights the creative aspects of what I do, in an otherwise normal commercial, office environment.

Outside of work I’ve explored many, many different crafts over the years. I’ve tried my hand at knitting, crochet and embroidery as well as painting, hat making and jewellery. While each and every craft has its own unique aspects and skills there are undoubtedly many common features to them all. From selecting colours and combinations, to creating a composition and adding texture and dimension, the experience you gain in one craft can easily be applied to another.

Take time out and enjoy the stress-busting aspects of crafting

No matter what your background, skill level or past hobbies there is an opportunity for everyone to join in the stress relieving and social aspects of crafting. In fact I read this article recently that highlights the considerable health and wellbeing aspects of spending time at a craft.

Read the article: Huffington Post – Make More Art.

Get details of CraftSocial classes

At CraftSocial we focus on card making, rubber stamping and papercraft workshops and classes. I’d love to see you at one of our upcoming seasonal workshops or at a regular class or club session. Simply drop me an email if you’d like to receive a list of my upcoming classes and events taking place near you.

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